Saturday, September 15, 2012

Showin Sydney Some Love

Often times i have to remind myself that living and being a tourist in a place are two completely different things. I always wonder what it feels like to live in the city i was visiting, and have more than once been tempted to uproot myself again and stay there forever. Who has never dreamed of living in a tropical island, on a nice secluded beach cottage, with white sand and warm blue water all year round (and the occasional typhoons)?  But if i really think about it, i know i will miss the cafes, and the green spaces, and the "urban-ness" of living in a city. Hmm...or will I? Anyway, my point is, I realise, at this moment, that I love living in Sydney. It might not be the most modern of cities, but i like its  sense of balance. And maybe for a person as fickle as me, who thinks about packing up her bags all the time, this is just i what i need. It can be cosmopolitan, or outdoorsy, or quaint and charming when I, or it wants to be. I love how i can be on the beach within minutes. I love the parks and the jogging paths. I love how i'm surrounded by water. I love the friendly folks. I love all the food choices. I love that it's family friendly. And yes, maybe i even love this love-hate relationship I have going on with this city. And perhaps I drank a little bit of its kool aid today, but if it keeps up this lovely weather and sunshine, I will happily take the kool-aid forever.

Photos are taken with iPhone and Instagram.

More about Sydney here.

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