Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NYC: East Village

With a population of 8 million from all walks of life, New York is definitely a city with cultural diversity. No other district in Manhattan demonstrates that more than the East Village. I love the eclectic variety of shops, and food! Chinese, Indian, Japanese, French, Belgian...you name it, and you'll probably find it there. After all the burgers, and pizzas, and milk shakes, I was looking forward to something new and exciting, and hopefully something healthy. We settled for Veselka, a popular cafe between St Marks Place and 9th Street, serving Ukrainian and Eastern European specialties. I've never tried Ukrainian food, so the further the similarity from American junk food, the better. I love their vareniki (dumplings) and iced tea. Just what I needed on a hot summer day.

Vareniki at Veselka, East Village

Veselka, East Village

We continued to explore after lunch, hoping to catch the colourful character of this district with our cameras. It reminded me a lot of Newtown in Sydney, with its funky crowd and small eateries. I loved it!

East Village

East Village

East Village

East Village

East Village Pizza

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