Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From Hell's Kitchen to Little Italy

The good thing about having a jetlag is being able to wake up earlier than usual. From our Times Square hotel, we made our way to The High Line. It was a quiet Sunday morning, and most people were probably sleeping in, hence an almost empty park. It was pretty cool though, and one of the funkiest green spaces i've ever seen.

Highline Park
The High Line

Next stop, Chelsea Market. Most of the shops were closed, or maybe we were just too early. I love visiting gourmet markets like these in different cities. Too bad this one was almost deserted.

Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market
What followed was more walking, letting our feet take the lead. The city is definitely made to be explored on foot.

West Village
West Village

University Place NYU
Greenwich Village

I fantasized about living in one of those brown stone apartments, and got sidetracked by all those shops in Soho (hence  the lack of photos).

Ok, move right along, and keep walking, the hubby tells me.

New York Cafes
North of Little Italy

By this time, we were definitely getting hungry. Ahh, but only a few more blocks to Lombardi's!

Lombardi's Pizza
Lombardi's Pizza - the first pizza place in the US

Their pizza was huge! We couldn't finish the whole thing between the two of us. And really, the only way to burn those calories is to walk it off again but I soo wished i'd left room for gelato.

Little Italy
Little Italy

Little Italy
More New York photos here.

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