Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missing NYC

Never has a foreign city felt more familiar to me than New York does. I've heard the songs, i've seen the movies, i've lived through the TV shows. Perhaps it's the little bit of grime, the chaos, the traffic, and the constant stream of people that sort of remind me of Manila. I immediately felt right at home. In a city with such diversity, it seems that anyone can find their own place. It's the only city i've visited where i was actually tempted to buy an I ♥ insert city here t-shirt! :) and i do, i do heart this city, so much so that we cancelled our 3-day trip to Niagara Falls and DC so we can spend more time there.

Some of the things I particularly like:
  • The city, indeed, it never sleeps. I know i can always get food somewhere no matter what time of day it is.
  • It's so easy to navigate as long as you orient yourself with the north and south. And the subway is amazing (and not dirty as I initially thought it would be). I was actually surprised at how uncrowded it is even during peak hours. Sydney has like half the population yet the trains are packed like a can of sardines!
  • The flagship stores and shopping in general. I could walk the entire 5th avenue and feel like i've gone to heaven.
  • Free wifi almost everywhere! Very tech savvy and tourist friendly!
  • It's a photographer's dream. Truly. I've got tons, and i mean tons of photos to prove how much i love taking pictures of New York.

Here are a few snaps i've taken with my iPhone.







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