Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Auckland Bridge Bungy

I couldn't agree more when I overheard someone say that New Zealand is the world's playground. There's something about this place that makes you do crazy things. One of them being jumping off a bridge.

I knew bungy jumping is something that I have to try. I've missed this chance when we went to Queenstown a couple of years ago, so i knew this time I gotta do it. I've never really been afraid of heights, but i wasn't quite sure how I would feel about literally throwing myself in the air.

I guess i just have to find out :)

On the morning we were scheduled to jump, I had butterflies in my stomach. This is the same feeling I get before I go scuba diving. I told myself to man up and ignore my nerves. When we got to AJ Hackett in Auckland, we geared up and walked under the bridge to reach the bungy platform. This actually built up more excitement as we look on the water, knowing this is where we will be jumping from in the next few minutes. Whooh! I can do it. I can do it. I can do it, I kept repeating to myself.

After what seemed like forever, we finally reached the platform. For some reason, all my anxiety disappeared. Perhaps it was the music playing on the background, or watching everyone else jump before me calmed my nerves. I was actually  more concerned about how i would look in the video and photos! :P

When my turn came, everything happened so fast. I got tied to the cord and was asked to walk to the end of the platform. As I slowly inch myself towards the edge and saw the water before me, I felt a moment of fear. Thankfully, it didn't have a chance to linger for too long as I got distracted to focus on other things. I was being called to look at the camera, smile, look at the camera, smile, then 3-2-1-jump! I literally didn't have time to be afraid!

Ready to Jump

Defying Gravity Unsuccessfully 

 I thought i was pretty calm, although i did let out a few screams (much to my husband's delight). Bobbing up and down was disorienting! But it was over before i know it and soon enough I was readying myself to be pulled up. Only then did I notice the sailboat below me, where everyone was either waving or taking my pictures! Haha, I sort of felt like a celebrity. And then I remembered I must have seemed like lunatic, screaming and dangling from the bridge.

  Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump

It was so much fun though, and not at all as scary as you would think. It was pretty much all my friends and I can talk about the whole day. Definitely a must do.

Check out my video below :)

Photos and video provided by AJ Hackett Auckland Bridge Bungy. .

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