Friday, November 18, 2011

Exploring metros

.I think one way of getting a know a city is by taking the public transport. It kinda lets you sneak a peek at how locals go about their daily lives. While I personally love walking to get to places when i'm in a foreign city, I must say I'm also fascinated by the train stations and the people in it. I think i even have photos of every train station (or tram or subway or metro whatever you want to call it) i've come across in all of my travels. Here are a few i've collected so far.

Trainspotting in Rome
Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Chitlom Station, Bangkok
Cool teen in Chitlom Station, Bangkok

Paris Metro
Late night in Paris

Tram in Montenapoleone
Tram in Montenapoleone, Milan

St Moritz via Bernina Express
Scenic ride in the Bernina Express, Switzerland

Weary Travellers in Roma Termini
Fellow travellers in Roma Termini

i need this train to breakdown
Technically not on a train station but closely related anyway, Byron Bay

Melbourne Tram
Tram in Melbourne

Madrid Metro
An almost empty metro in Madrid

Gare Du Nord
Busy Gare du Nord, Paris

More of my train collection here.


  1. What lovely photographs of metros and train stations, I especially like the one with grass growing on the train tracks!

  2. I love when people try to photograph cities in different ways...taking photos of tube stations is one of them, and these shots are really beautiful and evocative.

  3. Your shots are really excellent. I really admire how you shoot it, it's like a real professional photographer. I'm sorry to say but I love the rural areas rather than the Metro.

  4. I love the liveliness of Bangkok Skytrain, always packed of people and the weather is amazing.

    BTW, your shots are fantastic!!!



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